Pata-Pata Animation Studio

Photograph two poses in front of the camera and it will quickly become a two frame animation, shown on the screen.





YouTube Preview Image


■Work flow

  1. First, get in front of the camera and strike a pose. The first frame is taken.
  2. Next, shoot a different pose.
  3. You can move the two frame animation that you just shot to anywhere on the screen that you like.
  4. Watch them with others!


Recent version of Pata-Pata Animation Studio doesn’t need blue back screen any more.

Pata-Pata Walker

An improved version of the Pata-Pata Animation Studio.

pata-pata animation studio project team

  • Taruto FUYAMA (Planning / Direction)
  • Tadahiko SATO @ Trigger Device Ltd(Developing sensor and device / Producing)
  • Takanori ENDO(Program / Sound Designing)
  • Takuya SAKURAGI(Table and Stand Designing)