Anima Cart

By drawing pictures on paper, lining the paper up on the ground, and then rolling the Anima Cart over them, it will automatically photograph the pictures, and quickly make an animation from them.



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■Work flow

  1. Draw : First, 2 or more slightly different pictures like those that would be found in a flip book are drawn on paper.
  2. Place : The drawings are then lined up on the floor, and the Anima Cart is slowly rolled over them.
  3. Shoot : It makes a small noise to let you know it is working as it automatically photographs the pictures, one by one.
  4. Watch : Once all of the pictures have been photographed, push the button on the Anima Cart, and the animation that it filmed will be shown immediately!


Anima Cart 1st Generation (2003-2009)

Anima Cart 2nd Generation (2009-)

Anima Truck

An improved version of the Anima Cart. The Anima Truck makes it even easier to photograph the images.

Anima-cart project team

  • Taruto FUYAMA (Planning / Direction)
  • Tadahiko SATO @ Trigger Device Ltd(Developing sensor and device / Producing)
  • Takanori ENDO(Program / Sound Designing)
  • Takuya SAKURAGI(Prototyping)