KOMA KOMA (Windows/Mac)

Make, Watch, and Reflect on Animation-

Koma Koma is a stop-motion animation production program that was developed by Taruto Fuyama, with the idea of “bringing animation and education together”. It works on both Windows and Mac with Adobe AIR.

First it has received funding from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan, and was finished in March of 2011. Currently, it is only being distributed to a set number of test users.

Koma Koma has two important features. The first is its simple and easy to understand user interface. Even children should be able to understand how to use it within about a minute, and can start to enjoy making animations. The second feature is its reflection function. Users can go back and look over their own work, and compare it with others’. As easily as you put a post-it note on a wall, users can move animation clips on the screen, diagram them out, and even post comments on them. The main purpose of the reflection function is not so much to evaluate people’s work, but to encourage communication on the spot, and draw out the learning that will arise from it.

With Koma Koma, users can make, watch and reflect on animation. Through sharing this process with others, we hope that Koma Koma can create a rich experience of “fun” and “learning” for the users.


  1. Simple user interface that users can figure out in a minute or less.
  2. The works you have created can be moved about freely, and dia-
  3. grammed out with the unique “reflection function”.
  4. Allows works to be shared over a network from multiple terminals,such as in a classroom.
  5. Runs on multiple platforms, such as Windows and Mac.

KOMA KOMA Video Introduction sorry, only in Japanese!

▼KOMA KOMA Video Introduction (Japanese) #01:Basic Function (1min.43sec.)
YouTube Preview Image 

KOMA KOMA Video Introduction (Japanese) #02:How to Chang Frame Rate (1min.36sec.)
YouTube Preview Image 

KOMA KOMA Video Introduction (Japanese) #03:Reflection Function(3min.18sec.)
YouTube Preview Image

Required Equipments:

KOMA KOMA Video Introduction (Japanese) #04:Setting(57sec.)
YouTube Preview Image